OpenText Core

Business-ready file sharing

and collaboration in the cloud.

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Create, edit, co-author, discuss, and share files across Office 365 apps and OpenText Core. This is file sharing and collaboration the way it is meant to be.


You can create new files or open existing ones directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint, work solo or co-author with your team, and then save everything to your OpenText Core file list in the cloud. Simply put, collaborating and working the way you want to work with files has never been easier.

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Collaborate, Share and Sync.

OpenText Core makes sharing the right information with the right people easy and instinctive. Whether on phone, tablet or web, teams can get fast access to files wherever they are and make the necessary edits or comments on them to create published versions and get things done.

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No more dealing with limitations of email for document reviews and distribution. Even if you are working with outside partners or other third parties, advanced file links with password protection and expiry dates make it possible to securely share your work files. Your entire team will be able to easily and quickly pinpoint what they need with advanced search, view and edit file, comment and tag them, create drafts and versions, and keep everything in sync between their desktop and the OpenText Cloud.

Your Work, Everywhere.

Access, edit and collaborate across all of your devices - phone, tablet, and PC – without changing the way you work. A consistent experience makes sure the way files are shared, access permissions are assigned, metadata entered, activity tracked, and everything else, is done the exact same way.

With apps for iOS and Android, OpenText Core lets you get what you need from where it is to where it needs to be – all from your phone.

People are relying more and more on tablets for work and not just play. The OpenText Core app gives you a rich environment, optimized for iPad and Android tablets, so you can easily view, share and collaborate on your files, access the dashboard and Activity Feed to check on usage, and more.


Notifications on file activity, collaborator comments and invitations to share from other users keep you up to speed no matter where you are. Plus, security features like remote wipe, secure file links, and user management make sure you strike the perfect balance of ease-of-use with the need to protect your critical content.

OpenText Core lets you edit files directly on your Mac or Windows system. All edits and annotations you make on files can be instantly saved to OpenText Core as a draft or new version.


It also makes it easy to store, sync, organize, share, and collaborate from any modern browser and gives you the power to manage, track and report on all of your files in the OpenText Cloud without the complexity of many file sharing services.

Rethink Sync

How you keep everything organized and synchronized is totally up to you. Select everything or only the files and folders you want using True Selective Sync, and your personal OpenText Core  desktop sync folder will keep things up to date. You can also choose to not sync anything at all and instantly edit files from the web and have all changes immediately saved back to your Files List.


Whatever way you choose, rest assured that files on your desktop, phone or tablet will be completely in check with your Files List in the cloud.

Secure File Storage.

Securely store, easily access and manage your files in the OpenText Cloud. You can even add two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security. Whether it’s a document you need for work, or personal stuff you want to keep safe, you’ll have it anywhere, on any device, and when you want it.