Core Share

Share and collaborate in the cloud

OpenText Core Share makes collaborating a snap to let you get things done no matter where you are, and a user experience designed to let you work the way you want to work.

Discover a better way to collaborate with external users

You shouldn’t have to deal with the limitations of email for document reviews and distribution. Even if you are working with outside partners or other third parties, OpenText Core Share has everything you need to securely share and work with everyone (and everything) you need.

Designed for users, built for enterprise


It’s all about balance. Usability and functionality. Simplicity with security. Uncomplicated yet sophisticated. Working together while ensuring everyone’s privacy. OpenText Core Share has a simple, familiar design that users demand, coupled with the bolstered security and stability that IT teams need from a file sharing and collaboration service.

Office 365 Integration


Create, edit, co-author, discuss, and share files across Office 365 apps and OpenText Core Share. This is file sharing and collaboration the way it is meant to be. Simply put, collaborating and working the way you want to work with files has never been easier.

Your work, everywhere

Access, edit and collaborate across all of your devices - phone, tablet, and PC – without changing the way you work. A consistent experience makes sure the way files are shared, access permissions are assigned, metadata entered, activity tracked, and everything else, is done the exact same way.


I love using Core Share to collaboratively work on documents. The audit trail and version history is essential for us - can’t imagine using any other!