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Simplicity without sacrificing security and control.

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OpenText Core Add-in

for Microsoft Outlook

This is sure to thrill Microsoft® Outlook® fanatics looking for a simple, secure and smart way to collaborate and share messages and attachments. It’s a perfect way for users to start collaborating and getting things done – all without ever leaving their favorite email application.

Getting the collaboration process going is a drag-and-drop away; users can upload and work with files

directly from the sophisticated OpenText Core pane.

The add-in makes it easy to do more than just instantly upload messages and attachments. The Actions menu in the OpenText Core pane makes viewing, editing, sharing and organizing a snap.

Getting messages with all attachments (or just select files without the message) from Outlook to OpenText Core is a simple drag-and-drop away! The add-in has a rich set of file actions so users will never have to skip between applications to organize and manage their email and attachments.

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Finding a file sounds easy enough, but what if you don’t know the filename or have a reasonable idea of some of the keywords in the file’s contents? What if you only know the file’s creator or the type of file you are looking for, like a “marketing brochure” or other class of document? Good news! OpenText Core allows metadata profiles to be applied to add context to content and make things super simple to locate.

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Easy-to-complete metadata templates help enforce global policies to bolster knowledge and enterprise information management strategies without making it cumbersome for users.

Administrators can make metadata profiles required for all files, just select file types, or an option for users based on whether or not the file has business value.

The sheer amount of files in an enterprise makes keyword search ineffective. Metadata profiles make locating things easier and help execute on archiving and governance strategies.

Integration with OpenText Content Server

Think of it as an “onramp” to information management. With the ease of use and intuitive experience that many users want, OpenText Core eliminates the complexity of information management. By making simple and smart, yet secure, file sharing and collaboration a natural extension of the sophisticated Content Server environment, OpenText Core removes the barriers of user adoption.

Easily publish files from OpenText Core to Content Server for records management, archiving and other organizational policies.

Pull files from Content Server into OpenText Core for collaboration, especially when external users need files but

policy precludes access to corporate systems.

Simple, smart user experience and flexible mobile features improve user adoption of information management systems without sacrificing security and information management policies.

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Collaboration Built for Business

Face it, some people across your organization are sidestepping corporate systems in favor of consumer cloud storage tools to share and collaborate on business information. OpenText Core gives users everything they are looking for to get things done while offering you a cloud platform that ensures a more secure way of storing, sharing and collaborating on critical business content.

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Enterprise-Strength Security

Backed by nearly 25 years of experience with securing content assets for the world’s largest and best-known brands, OpenText Core is driven by a deep understanding of the importance of information security. From controlling access to user management, and file encryption to single sign on (SSO) and two-factor authentication (2FA), OpenText Core has everything you need to make sure sensitive or private information stays that way.


Single Sign On (SSO) support and Active Directory sync.

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Configure and automatically enforce global policies for sharing with external users, password requirements, and session times.

With ever-increasing digital crime, bolstering security credentials is a must. OpenText Core gives you the option to add an extra layer of security to make sure that only the right people are accessing files.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), plus high-strength Transport Layer Security (TLS), are leveraged for encryption of files in transit, while content at rest is protected using 256-bit AES encryption, coupled with an encryption key strategy to bolster security. Even files “marked for offline” viewing on mobile devices are fully secured.

Highly secure data centers with strict access policies, system redundancy, fire/flood detection and prevention, and other mechanisms.

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Simple file  sharing  and collaboration  to  meet user  expectations while adhering with organizational policies for information management and security.

Support for email, including storing attachments together with messages, and a Microsoft Outlook add-in that users will love.

Viewer to allow quick checks, shares and comments on a wide range of file formats and email without requiring the native application that created them.

Advanced search, by keyword, tag, and metadata, file attribute filtering, and searching people and comments.

IT and Administrative Control

OpenText Core is extremely easy to import users, configure policies and get things up and running, often in a matter of minutes. Once set up, user management, activity monitoring and other administrative tasks are equally simple. With a cloud-first approach, OpenText Core is designed to take the work out of installing and maintaining your file sharing and collaboration environment.

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Flexible user management to control access, assign storage quota, lock/disable user accounts,and manage user account creation.

Dashboard view to give admins details about key information, such as storage, quota usage by file type, system activity and more.

Session management to view devices connected to an account and remotely manage sessions.