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Need to know how to do something in OpenText Core? Prefer to see vs. read about it? How about offering feedback or sending the team a feature request? Maybe you just want to keep up to date on the latest release or get some tips and tricks. No matter what you need, or how you’d like to get it, OpenText Core has all the channels you will need: YouTube, Twitter, the Community Forum, or good old-fashioned FAQ list.



How do I sign up for OpenText Core?

You can get your OpenText Core account by visiting and clicking on the Sign Up button.

What web browsers can I use?

OpenText Core supports most modern browsers (Chrome v30+, Internet Explorer v10+, Firefox v24+, Safari v6+).

How much does OpenText Core cost?

You can get an OpenText Core account free of charge with limitations on file size, versions and storage. If you need more space or want to use OpenText Core for your team or business, plans with increased storage, advanced administration features, user management, and security control are available. Click here to explore plan options and sign up.

Is there a free trial for OpenText Core Team, Business, and Enterprise plans?

Yes. You can register for a free 90-day trial of any OpenText Core plan. Simply visit our Plans and Pricing page to explore various plans and sign up for the one that meets your needs. No credit card required, and you can choose when to activate a monthly subscription or take advantage of special annual pricing.

How much space do I get?

Personal user accounts for OpenText Core offer 2GB of storage and a maximum file size of 250MB. Team, Business, and Enterprise plans offer increased storage, file versions and handling of larger file sizes.

Can I add pictures and videos from my phone or tablet?

OpenText Core lets you access the camera roll or gallery on your iOS or Android device from the OpenText Core mobile application to upload pics and videos.

Account and Password

How do I sign up for OpenText Core?

To get your free OpenText Core Personal account, visit the Sign Up page.


You can also sign up for a free 90-day trial of a Team, Business or Enterprise plan (no credit card required to sign up) for OpenText Core. Simply visit the Plans and Pricing page to explore your options.

How do I change my password?

To change your OpenText Core password simply click here.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

If you forgot or want to change your password, simply click here. There is also a “Forgot Password” link on the login page of OpenText Core.

Working with Files

How do I edit files?

To edit a file on your Mac or Windows system, simply click on the “Actions” button next to the file in the “Files List” then choose “Edit” from the top menu or click the file to open it in the viewer, then click the “More” button (“ooo”) and select “Edit.” The file will open in the application associated with the file format (for example, Microsoft Word for a .docx file type). Any changes you make to a file will be instantly saved to OpenText Core when you save and close the application you are editing the file with.


Note: The first time you edit a file, you will be prompted to download the OpenText Core desktop application. Simply select either the Mac or Windows version and follow the prompts. If there are updates to the desktop application, you will receive a notification letting you know it’s ready to download.

Can I save files to OpenText Core directly from Microsoft Office?

Yes. The OpenText Core add-on for Microsoft Office is automatically installed with the Web Edit Client. The Office add-on (appears as a tab in your Office menu bar) lets you open files from OpenText Core as well as save files you are working on to your Files List.(Note: Currently, only a Windows version of the Office add-on is available.)

What is the “Web Edit Client” and how do I get it?

The first time you edit a file on your desktop a file from OpenText Core, you’ll need to install the desktop app (options for both Mac Mountain Lion and higher and Windows 7 and higher are available). The desktop app, also known as the Web Edit Client, detects the native applications on your system so you can open files for editing and then instantly save them back to OpenText Core. The desktop app also provides you with notifications about your file activity and alerts for when others invite you to share their files and folders.

Can I access OpenText Core from my mobile device?

Yes. There are apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

How do I sync files between my devices/computers?

Why wait for files to sync when you can edit them and save them instantly to the OpenText Cloud? Edit is the New Sync. Eliminate duplicate copies and “version confusion” when collaborating by instantly editing and saving changes to OpenText Core.


Is there an OpenText Core mobile app?

Yes. You can get the mobile OpenText Core application on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Can I log in to a different OpenText Core account on my devices?

Yes. For example, if you need to log in to your personal OpenText Core account at the same time as your business account, you can log in to one account on your tablet and another on your phone or desktop.

Can I edit files on my phone or tablet?

Yes. If you view a file in the OpenText Core app and tap More (“ooo”), “Open in” will let you choose any app on your device capable of opening the file for editing. You can save back to OpenText Core by choosing “Open in” from the app you are using to edit the file and choosing Core.(Note: Please ensure that when saving back to Core that the file name is exactly the same. It is likely that the app you are using to edit the file will alter the file name or add characters.)


Where can I learn more?

For more information about OpenText Core, including features, plan options and use cases, visit

What if I need help with OpenText Core?

If you run into an error or anything that you’d like help with, head to the OpenText Core forum/community to search for the answer or post a question to the community.

Payments and Billing

How much does OpenText Core cost?

OpenText Core is free for personal use. If you need more space or want to use OpenText Core for your team or business, subscription plans with increased storage, advanced administration features, user management, and security control are available. Click here to explore plan options and sign up.

Is there a discount for paying for my OpenText Core subscription on an annual basis vs. monthly?

Yes. You will receive one month free for an annual Business plan subscription and two months free for an Enterprise plan subscription. To explore your plan options or start your free 90-day trial, visit the Plans and Pricing page.

What is Recurly and why did I get an email from them when I signed up for an OpenText Core Team, Work or Enterprise plan?

Recurly is our trusted payment processing partner. You will receive an email with your invoice after each payment is processed. For more information about Recurly, please visit their website.

Can I have an invoice for my OpenText Core Team, Business, or Enterprise account?

Yes. You will receive an email receipt each month that indicates the amount and billing information for the period. You will also receive monthly payment receipts for your OpenText Core account from Recurly. For information about Recurly, visit their website.

How do I cancel my OpenText Core plan?

To cancel your OpenText Core Team, Business, or Enterprise plan, please contact

I’ve changed the number of users, how am I charged?

When you add users, you are charged a prorated amount for these new users for the remainder of the current billing period immediately. Your next monthly bill will reflect the new total amount of users.


When you remove users, a prorated credit is applied to your account. The credit will be applied to your next monthly bill. If your credit exceeds the amount of your next monthly bill the remainder will be applied to future monthly bills until the credit is zero.


When adding or removing users, you are immediately sent an invoice outlining the billing change and your user limit takes effect right away.