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File Synchronization

Making sure that everyone is working on the same version is the key to driving collaborative document work success. Email, FTP and network file shares just don’t cut it when all you need is a way to get things done quickly and easily.


Whether you are working with a single coauthor or a cross-functional project team of global collaborators, you need flexible, simple and secure options to keep everything in sync.

Just save everything to your personal desktop folder and edits, new drafts or versions will be uploaded to your Files List in the cloud.

If you don’t want to save and sync, just open files directly from your browser, make edits and have them instantly saved.

Keep the files you want securely and automatically synced between all your devices – desktop, online folders and mobile devices.


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Advanced File Versions

When collaborating on files, simply storing and “managing” them is not enough. Being able to access the file is one thing, but being able to identify and work with the right version of the file is critical to achieving collaborative goals. OpenText Core delivers exceptional versioning capabilities that let teams create, comment on, and manage drafts and versions to control the entire file lifecycle.

There’s a huge difference between draft and version. Create and comment on drafts and dictate when to publish a file version. Everyone works on the right file, not just the latest one.

Easily assign collaborator permissions to restrict draft access and downloads. Permissions also control who can view and consolidate team edits and who can publish a draft to a version.

Get a snapshot view of the entire file history from initial upload, through all comments and drafts, to the latest version. Advanced control allows previous versions to be promoted or deleted if need be.

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Sophisticated Yet Simple Collaboration

OpenText Core accelerates collaborative work for teams whether they are all part of the same business or spread out around the world and from different organizations. It lets teams securely share files with drag-and-drop ease and quickly invite the right people to get the job done – no matter if they are working on their desktop, tablet or phone.

Control who can do what with shared files

with flexible permissions.

File viewer for looking at a wide range of formats, including email and associated attachments.

Work with files and people in a consistent way,

whether on desktop, web, or mobile.

Share with external collaborators via links

with advanced security.

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Flexible Storage

Whether you are looking for something to meet your personal file storage and sharing requirements or need an enterprise-ready solution, there is a subscription plan that’s up to the task. As your needs grow and change, OpenText Core easily scales with you.

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Content Management Made Smart

OpenText Core takes the complexity of content management out of the collaboration equation. Collaborators get the best of both worlds – the ease and flexibility they want to share and work with the people they need to get things done and the security and sophistication they want to keep track of everything.

Comprehensive audit trail to track file and folder history and Activity Feed for a snapshot of everything that’s going on .

Advanced search, tagging, metadata profiles, and filtering to pinpoint exactly what collaborators are looking for, and selective file sync to make sure everything is up to date.


Advanced file versions to easily maintain the integrity and history of files or promote previous versions.

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Secure cloud storage for documents, photos, video, email and more.

Easily upload large files for storing and sharing.

Flexible plans to add space as storage requirements grow.

Powerful Access Control

OpenText Core makes getting files into the right hands and collaborating with everyone needed to get the job done simple. Collaborators have easy to assign, yet powerful permissions, file security capabilities, and notifications to monitor file access activity – all just a click away.

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Easily assign permissions to control access with edit, download, delete and other rights.

Set password and/or expiry date for file share links to restrict access.

Configurable email notifications for all file activity.

Mobile File Sharing and Collaboration

Let’s face it, people are relying more and more on mobile devices to get their work done and almost exclusively use their phone or tablet to share files. So, why do so many file sharing and collaboration applications seem to treat mobile as an afterthought? OpenText Core is built with a “mobile-first” design to offer the full-featured, elegant experience that collaborators love.

Share, edit, and collaborate on iOS and Android devices.

Native apps for phones and tablets offer a rich experience without sacrificing functionality.

Mark for offline feature allows for viewing and editing when disconnected from the web.

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