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OpenText Core is a simple, secure, smart cloud service that allows your team to store and share information from your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Whether you are looking for a quick, easy-to-use application or a large scale information management platform, OpenText Core fits the bill.

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OpenText Core allows you and your firm to keep up with the changing legal landscape by allowing attorneys, clients, outside counsel and experts to get the files they need, when they need them.

Virtualize your law offices by allowing attorneys access to documents from any desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, whether on location with clients or on the go.

User friendly tagging capabilities and full document search make it easy to pinpoint the information you are

looking for.

Forget about version issues and email file size limitations with the ability to store and read emails with all the attachments in a simple, yet sophisticated viewer.

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Create a new virtual office for all your employees with OpenText Core. Whether in the field, at the plant, or in the corporate offices, everyone will be able to share, access and work with the information they need to get things done faster and easier.

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Enable your teams to collaborate on projects from an oil rig, airplane or office anytime, on any device.

Take your old content from legacy systems and provide access to it on mobile devices for internal and external project members to access via OpenText Core.

Securely keep a record of all your master agreements and share them with preferred contractors

and suppliers.


Whether you are on the 100th floor of a new commercial building, 100’ below ground mining or working out of the office, OpenText Core allows you to accelerate collaborative work and make sure you have the latest information when you need it.

Set up a folder to collaborate and finalize documents throughout both the pre-bid and bid processes then access the bids, negotiate terms and conditions, and check the status from your jobsite

on any device.

Give everyone the information they need when they need it. Quickly and easily add and update project files, collateral, and presentations to make sure your sales and marketing teams are in sync with the most up-to-date and crucial information.

Give teams the insight they need for progress on construction sites. Take notes on inspections and add photos to OpenText Core from your mobile device to provide visibility to the right teams instantly.

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The team at OpenText Core knows the business of tech. We are both our biggest supporter and most exacting critic. In designing and building the product, the OpenText Core team had real-world experience and saw firsthand how product development teams can benefit from simple, secure file sharing and collaboration in the cloud.

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Accelerate product development by allowing marketing, sales and product teams to collaborate and share content on any desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

Allow sales teams to more effectively position and deliver the most up-to-date presentations and collateral.

Share the right information with the right internal or external stakeholders while restricting who can see working copies and final versions.


Stop using tools that slow down your productivity. With OpenText Core manufacturing organizations are accelerating processes, improving product quality, and collaborating

on design and delivery.

Share project information instantly with all team members in one spot. All changes to mechanical, electrical or software specs are accessible anywhere, on any device.

Keep an audit and history of redlines and final versions on all your contracts using advanced versioning and permissions for each supplier or product component, or to help you manage and track customer requirements and benchmarks to drive more efficient research, planning and development.

Give everyone the information they need when they need it. Quickly and easily add and update collateral and presentations to make sure your sales and marketing teams are in sync with the most up-to-date and crucial information.

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Financial Services

Whether you are working on pitch books for high net worth clients, updating policies and products for your broker network, or distributing marketing materials to tellers across every branch, OpenText core delivers significant efficiency improvements and cost reductions.

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Reduce your admin costs and increase transparency by streamlining project and portfolio management with centrally managed files accessible from desktops or mobile devices.

Accelerate your sales cycle by providing up-to-date collateral, policies and pricing information for all internal and external collaborators that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Modernize the way investment managers work with HNW clients by providing instant access to tailored pitch books and product information.


Discover a content repository that can house all your media files in a single, secure place. From initial brainstorming through to publishing, media organizations can capitalize on the simple, secure and smart file sharing and collaboration that OpenText Core offers.

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Provide everyone with a central place to securely share, access and collaborate on screenplays, talent agreements, budgets, graphics, studio mixes, and more from anywhere, on any device.

Centralize all your assets in a secure repository with a simple to use application that all your users will quickly adopt.

Teams can work and share drafts of studio mixes, trailers and high-quality artwork using advanced version controls to make sure only the current assets are in play.