There are lots of file sharing

and storage options.

We’re so confident you’ll love ours, we are giving it to you for free with your maintenance renewal.

Simple, Secure, Smart File Sharing and Collaboration in the OpenText Cloud.

Your team is probably already using tools for sharing, reviewing and editing files. Problem is, many of those tools own your content once you upload it... It’s true, check the terms of service... These services track your use and can actually use your files for research, share it with their business partners, and even use it for marketing and promotion.

It’s time to take back control of your files, your privacy and, more importantly, your company’s critical business information.

The great news for you is that OpenText Core makes it simple. It’s enterprise-ready software that you will actually want to use. The built-for-business security features will keep IT happy and the experience-first design will keep you and your team focused on getting things done rather than learning how to use clumsy applications.

Everything You Need – for Free.

OpenText understands the challenges of digital transformation and that the move to the cloud can be daunting. That’s why we’re lending a hand with the OpenText Core Loyalty Program. It’s a fast, effortless first foray into content management in the OpenText Cloud.


With the Loyalty Program, getting OpenText Core file sharing and collaboration up and running for your team and the entire organization is super simple.


What’s more is that it is completely FREE for qualified customers upon renewal of maintenance and support. Everything you need to easily and securely share, store and collaborate on your work files is included.

You'll Get:

Up to 5000 user accounts for your company

2 TB

total storage

A huge maximum file upload size of 5 GB

Call your customer support rep to get started.

Discover OpenText Core for Your Industry.

OpenText Core is a simple, secure, smart cloud service that allows your team to store and share information from your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Whether you are looking for a quick, easy-to-use application or a large scale information management platform, OpenText Core fits the bill.

It’s easy for your employees to set up and work with external vendors on mission critical projects. Your project managers can set up their project, define its taxonomy, add drafts and versions of documents and then share them with project members and stakeholders with the comfort of controlling each member’s permissions to ensure the right team members can see and update the right information.

Teams can now easily manage and share drafts of project information, marketing material or compliance audit documents with collaborators on the team. Set different permissions for reviewers and approvers and only share final versions to control how and when your content is being seen. All your history, audit, and commenting stays with the one file; you no longer need to define documents as ‘[DRAFT]’ or ‘[FINAL]’ in your file names!