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TIP: Sharing Permissions

edited August 2015 in Working With Files

Thank you for participating in our community!  We have a few discussion posts regarding permissions available for files in OpenText Core.  Given that, we thought it best to post a comprehensive TIP.

Viewer *

File Actions:  
  • View, Download, Comment, Like, Audit, and Copy latest version
Sharing Actions:  

  • No ability to share, invite others to share, or send links


File Actions:  

  • View, Edit, Lock, Download, Comment, Like, Audit, and Copy latest version

Sharing Actions:  
  • No ability to invite others to share


(access to all features and functions)
File Actions:  
  • View, Edit, Lock, Download, Move, Comment, Like, Audit, Delete, and Copy
Sharing Actions:  
  • Add/Manage Sharing,  Create/Send Links


We are currently exploring ways to bolster the OpenText Core story for the Viewer role. While Core currently limits the Viewer role in terms of not allowing them to generate and send links, edit the file and create new versions, there are no current capabilities to prevent screen-cap, downloading or otherwise capturing the file.  

Please stay tuned for updates.

Core Community Moderators


  • If I create a folder, invite external users (non-OT), can they upload files to that folder, and if so do they need collaborator or manager roles?
  • Hi Peter,

    Thank you for posting.  The Collaborator role can upload files to the folder.  I will update this TIP to clarify the actions available to this role.

    Core Community Moderator
  • A question on newly created folders in a CORE space which has Collaborators...Is the permission inherited from the parent for the newly created folder? That is, are all the collaborators automatically collaborators for the new folder? Conversely, if the new folder has a different set of collaborators, what is the access for the original collaborators in the new folder? Thank you.
  • Hello Thomas,

    Yes, OpenText Core follows an inherited permissions model - Folder A is shared with Jane as a Collaborator. Folder B is added as a sub-folder/child to Folder A. Jane is automatically a Collaborator on that sub-folder and all files/folders added to Folder A. 

    That said, you can modify permissions at the sub-folder or added file/resource level. Folder A is shared with Jane as a Viewer,  but Folder B is modified to allow Jane to have Collaborator permissions for all files in that folder. Warning: No matter what, if Jane is given Collaborator permissions or Manager permissions at the parent folder level, lowing the permissions level at the sub-folder or file will have no effect - she will always be a Manager or Collorator for everything. A good rule of thumb is to assign the lowest level to a collaborator at the parent folder level.

    Hope this makes sense and let me know otherwise.

    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communications
  • Yes that is clear...Thank you for the concise explanation.