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TIP: Getting Started With OpenText Core

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  • Hi Karen,

    These short demo videos are great... BUT

    They file format cannot be viewed inside CORE. Having to download, then launch in a local app doesn't line up with CORE being a SaaS solution.

    If there is a video format that is compatible with the web app, please convert them and update. Or link to a Youtube video or something. 

    Thank you
  • Thanks Chris!

    After some testing, it appears that pptx, pdf, and docx file types preview successfully on a public link.  However, the .mp4 and .mov files only preview when logged in, not in a public link.

    I have submitted this to our development team.  Thanks for the suggestion.

    Core Community Moderator
  • I watched the video on Installing the Desktop Client, but when I logon I don't see it listed as one of my files.  Is that supposed to be a shared file across all Core users that should show up if I view All Files?
  • Hi Bill,

    I apologize that our team has not responded to you in a timely fashion.

    The How To videos are public links, so will not be included in your "Shared With Me" listing when you log in to OpenText Core.

    Hope that helps,

    Core Community Moderator
  • Hi Karen,

    It's been a while .... I created an account to see the Enterprise World material, then the notifications started to come in the e-mail.  I went to my profile to turn notifications off (and I think I was successful) however I could not navigate to the notification settings as the help instruction appeared to show me.

    Can you give me the quick 'how to'?


    Philip Cleghorn

  • Hi Phil!

    To adjust your notifications settings:

    - Head to your Profile (click on the profile circle) and a menu of options will drop down.
    - Go to Settings
    - Your notification preferences will appear

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi, 

    I was surprised that for any content I was looking for, I had to download files, of view PDFs. 
    Where is the online help?

  • There is a YouTube Channel at if that helps. There is also the support email at and a Twitter account @OpenTextCore.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communiations