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Update: Mac OS X "High Sierra" is now supported

edited October 2017 in General
UPDATE: With the latest release of OpenText Core (16.13), MacOS Sierra users will now be able to download the desktop client for Core and use the True Selective Sync and other features of the client. To get the latest client, log in to OpenText Core > Go to your Profile menu (click your profile picture) > Select Desktop Client in the menu.
Thank you for your patience and post to the Community or email with any issues you may encounter.

Mac users who have upgraded to OS X 10.12 (aka "macOS Sierra") may experience intermittent shut down of the OpenText Core desktop client ("Web Edit Client"). 

Please be advised that we are working to resolve the issue, but until such time, you may have difficulty with desktop sync and/or uploading files to OpenText Core using the desktop client.

We will update the Community Forum as soon as the team has resolved this issue. Thank you for your patience and please contact with any questions you may have.

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  • Hi Karen,

    Is there any news on the OS X 10.12 bug. It would be nice to use this. Tempo box is not Mac Friendly at all.

    I am also an ECD transferee . I am using my home account to learn how to use core first. 
  • Hello Paul,

    There is a scheduled release before the end of February that will correct this issue. I will post to this thread/the forum when the release goes live.

    Thanks for your patience while the team works this out.

    That's it for now,

    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communications

  • Update: The latest desktop client and web version of OpenText Core also supports Mac OS High Sierra as of October 2017.

    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communications
  • Hi Jason,

    I just updated to the latest desktop client. In the list of processes I can see that Core desktop client started.
    However it does not sync files nor can I access the UI of the app.

  • Hi Thomas,

    Can you please email us at with a bit more detail (screen shots or the like)?

    Thank you,

    Jay Weir 
    OpenText Core Communications