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Quiet install of OpenText Core


Is there a guide on how to roll-out the desktop client using System Center or as part of an installation script?
What paramaters should be used to install the desktop client quiet?


  • Hi Arild,

    Good day!

    We are now working on this concern. We will get back to you as soon as we get more information regarding this matter.
    Thank you and have a nice day!

    Core Community Moderator
  • Hi Arild,

    Good day.

    I am told that the short answer is, “Yes” – OpenText Core
    can be included as part of a System Center deployment script. As for the
    parameters to be used to have the desktop client for OpenText Core installed
    “silently” I am told by the team that there are “flags” on the customer side
    that can be set (.xml config files where a “/s” switch can be added to make
    things work without user intervention).

    In short, the OpenText Core client can definitely be used
    with System Center as part of a system provisioning/configuration.

    Core Community Moderator

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    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communications
  • Hi,

    May I know where the xml config files are located? Also, is there a parameter (or maybe a registry) I could set to change the default sync folder of Core Desktop Client during installation? We're planning on deploying this via System Center as well.

  • Hi Alexis,

    Good day! We hope all is going well with you.

    We are working on this inquiry right now, and we will get back to you as soon as we have a more concrete information related to your inquiry.

    We will keep you posted.


    Marlon P. Tercero
    Core Community Moderator