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Latest Desktop Client Release: When I manually stop the client, it restarts itself automatically.

How can I stop this behavior?  Many times I do not want the client running in the background but evertime I stop in the taskbar it starts itself right back up again.  PLEASE HELP  :)


  • Hi Bryan,

    Are you stopping a process called OpenTextCore.exe via the task manager?Tthere are actually three processes with the same name and one with syncengine.exe. Stopping one of the processes will likely cause the other to restart.

    If you are stopping the OpenText Core Desktop Client via right-clicking the Core icon in your System Tray and hitting "Quit" then this is definitely a bug. 

    Can you confirm that you right-click the Core desktop client icon in your System Tray > log out > Quit as the method for ending the Core desktop sync and associated processes driven by the client?

    Sorry for the experience and I hope we can get things behaving correctly for you.

    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communications 
  • Hi - Yes I am right clicking on the Core Icon in the System Tray, Quitting, and the client starts up again in about 10 seconds.
  • If I log out, then quit, the client does not restart.  If I just quit it without logging out, the client restarts itself.
  • So, that would be expected behavior. To end an OpenText Core sync/session, you need to logout of the client. I have made a note to product management about this as, to me, it seems that "Quit" would mean terminate the session too and not just disable access to the icon.

    Thank you for your feedback and let us know at if you encounter any further problems.

    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communications
  • Thanks for listening.  Any other client/service I have ever used that runs in the windows system, when you right click and quit, it terminates the entire service and makes it disappear.  In this case, the option to quit does not seem to serve any material purpose.
  • The team is aware of this issue (thanks to your feedback) and will investigate options to make the client/quit behavior more inline with other services.


    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communications