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Trying to print a document or even view a scanned document.

I  went in to see if I could view it by attempting to
print it and when it pulls up it is only the first page and then I get the
following message:


“There was an error processing a page   
There was a problem reading this document (110).”

The document has 200 pages so I don't know if this is part of the problem.

Can you let me know how to print this document?

Thanks  Linda 


  • Hi Linda,
    You ought to be able to print files from the OpenText Core Viewer (there is no menu option to print, but a CTRL+P will prepare the document for printing and open your browser's print dialogue). 

    The "Problem reading this document (110)" is typically an error with a PDF rendition related to fonts, however if you are able to scroll through the document from the OpenText Core Viewer, this is likely not the problem. It may very well be a rendering problem of the Viewer, though...

    If I could get a few details, I can ask the team if there is a known issue:

    - What kind of file is it? 
    - What browser and version are you using?
    - Can you download the file and print using a native application (Word, Excel, PDF Viewer/Reader)?
    - Is there security on the file (password applied while saving the document in the native application)?

    Thanks and sorry for the delayed response in getting to your issue with OpenText Core.

    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communications