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Users that I have shared folders with does not recive mails when I add documents to the folder

I have shared some folders with extern users and they have accepted the invitation to Core.

But when I add documents to the shared folders, they does not receive any notifications in mails.

This have been working earlier, but have not worked the last weeks.

And what about when adding documents to sub-folders, here the users that I have shared the top folder with does not receive any notifications, this have never worked ?.
In my settings "Profile\Settings", under Real Time Notifications, I have all of them active, also "Document Added", therefore I assume that the users I shares folders with will get an notification, but it does not Work.
I would like to know what "Notification" Means and in what way this notifications Works.Regards


  • Hello and thank you for your question.

    I believe the issue at hand is the different types of notifications in OpenText Core. There are two:

    - Real Time Notifications - these are "toasters" or notifications that pop-up on the collaborator's desktop. NOTE: the collaborator must be logged in to OpenText Core desktop client and have real time notifications set for "document added" for these to work.

    - Email Notifications - there is no option for "document added" email notifications. There is, however, an option for an email to be sent when a draft or version of a shared document is added. 

    There is also the notification "bell" list at the top of your browser in OpenText Core. This list will include documents added by collaborators, versions, etc. regardless of your settings for real time or email notifications. It is a digest vs. a notification list.

    Lastly, there is the Activity Feed - this will have a list of all file activity by user (or Workflow Service, etc.). It gives collaborators a shapshot of all file activity. 

    Hope this helps and let me know otherwise. Kind regards,

    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communications 

  • OK

    Any chance that this will be added to the functionality in the future.

    I love the functions (most of them :)) in this system and thinks that it just needs this extra featuers.

    I am also working on the Desktop client sync and like that, and with an mail notification when new files are added to the folders would make i great.

    Best regards

  • Hi Again,

    The team is always looking to improve OpenText Core and I do know that the notification engine is one of the things they are looking to "fine tune" in future releases.

    Thanks for the feedback and I'll make sure that this gets to the right people for consideration.


    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communications