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Sharing Policy in Admin Pages

There seem to be a glitch in the Security Settings under Admin Pages.

I have Admin rights in our Tenant. Under Sharing Policy, when I click on any controls under Enable Public Links, it allows me to select the controls I want (Mandatory Password, Password Length, etc.). At the bottom of the Policy box, there is an option to save the new settings, I click on that and it seems to go through as the boxes remain checked. But whenever I move away from the Security tab, and click back to Security, the checks/selection I've previously made are gone.


  • Hi Alexis,

    Thank you for reaching out and sending your concern. I did few tests and below are behaviors that I get:

    - When I tick Mandatory Expiration, Mandatory Passwords, and Require Complex Passwords altogether, it only retains whichever I tick last. Additionally, I do not get the save button here.
    - When I tick Mandatory Expiration, Mandatory Passwords, and Require Complex Passwords and change Minimum Password Length altogether, it only retains the Minimum Password Length change.
    - When I tick just one from the options from: Mandatory Expiration, Mandatory Passwords, and Require Complex Passwords, it retains it but the Minimum Password Length goes back to its default length, which is 6.

    I will be checking this with Development Team to validate the behavior further, and I will update this thread once I have received feedback from them.

    Marlon P. Tercero
    CORE Community Moderator
  • Hi Alexis,

    I am hoping that all is well with you.

    I have received a feedback from the Development Team that this behavior is a known issue and, fix is on the way. This is fixed in the upcoming Core Release 18.4.3.



  • Hi Marlon,

    Thanks! Do you know when 18.4.3 will be released?
  • Hi Alexis,

    I am awaiting for a response from our Development Team regarding your inquiry.

    I will post it here, once I have the information.

    Thanks for reaching out.

  • Hi Alexis,

    I have received an update from our development team and they said that the release for Core 18.4.3 will be within this month. They will be announcing when it is deployed for NA region. I'll keep you posted.


  • Hi All,

    For the knowledge of everybody, Core Release 18.4.3 was already deployed for North America and Europe production environments last weekend, and is now up and running. The issue mentioned above should have been fixed already.