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Profiles Creation using Contains

I would like add a condition in Profile to sync all documents with status like "Latest", " New", "As Submitted".

What is the accepted values separators we can give when using Contains condition?

eg: Latest,As submitted...


  • Hi Jim,
    I have forwarded your note to product management to respond. I will let you know as soon as I hear back.


    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communications
  • Hello Jim,

    I heard back just now from the team and their response is:

    "At this time, the admin for the Documentum Connector for OpenText Core can configure the profile to sync the documents only with a single specific status - not multiple/all three statuses in the scenario provided. So, the condition would be status like "Latest" OR "New" or "As Submitted for auto-sync but not multiple statuses." 

    That said, the team is working to include this functionality in a future release of the Connector, so you should be able to achieve your objective for the scenario outlined in your note in the future.

    Hope this helps and that's it for now,

    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communications