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Issue Report: Internet Explorer 11 - Microsoft Office Documents Do Not Open For Editing

edited January 8 in General

An issue has been reported whereby collaborators attempt to edit a Microsoft Office
document (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) via the OpenText Core Office Online editor. The file will not open -- a "spinner" will appear and not open the file.

This issue is related and isolated to the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (Version 11). There is
no published fix by Microsoft for this issue in terms of code changes that can be made to the
OpenText Core application, but there is a local browser fix that users can perform.

To correct the issue, follow these steps once IE 11 is open:

1)      Open the Tools->Internet
Options->Security tab and click on the Trusted Sites zone

2)      Make sure the security level on the
Trusted Sites zone is set to Medium

3)      Add “” to the
Sites list in the Trusted Sites zone

     Screen of IE 11 Settings for Reference

If you need further assistance, please post a message here or contact

Kind regards,

Jay Weir

OpenText Core Communications