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Version 19.1.1 - Improvements to Office Online Integration, Sorting on Mobile Apps, More...

The team has worked hard to deliver another release of OpenText Core to provide you with the best cloud-based file sharing and collaboration service available. 

In this release, several fixes and improvements have been made to make your experience even better:


  • Improved Microsoft Office Online Integration and Fixes:  

    • Fixed an issue whereby a Microsoft Excel Online file, when opened for edit via OpenText Core, would produce an Office Online error if left open for an extended period without edits being made (“Cannot save Workbook… changes can’t be saved…”). 

    • Fixed an issue whereby an Excel Online file could not be opened when using “Edit in Office Online” (“Workbook could not be opened.”) from OpenText Core. This appears to have been an issue with files that had a larger number of collaborators and was fixed in a Microsoft Office Online update. 

    • Fixed an issue with editing sessions in Office Online apps timing out too quickly and collaborators having to reopen the file for editing in OpenText Core. The issue has been resolved and the session time for Office Online editing has been increased. 

  • Improved File Sorting for OpenText Core Mobile Apps: 

    • Improved the file sorting on iOS and Android apps and made fixes so that sorting functions properly. Users can now sort files on their mobile device with proper pagination and a bug with sorting by file size was corrected. 

  • Corrected File Opening Behavior Bugs: 

    • Users reported an issue whereby a favorited Microsoft Office file, opened from the Favorites menu, would not open the latest version. This issue has been corrected and users can now open favorited Office documents with the latest version being reflected. 

    • Users reported an issue whereby a file or folder selected via the “Shared” or “Shared By” list in OpenText Core would open the Collaborators dialogue rather than opening the file or folder. Issue has been fixed.

  • Notification Behavior Correction: 

    • Isolated reports of links to files in OpenText Core notifications not working properly were corrected. Users can now click links in Core notifications and be taken directly to the file/folder. 

  • As always, the team also corrected a number of bugs and issues to make sure that users get the easiest, most secure file sharing and collaboration possible. 

    Please contact us at or report your issue here on the Community Forum. We will be sure to address it in a future version of OpenText Core or get back to you with troubleshooting tips.