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Documents not inheriting folder collaborators

I added a folder (, added 23 collaborators, and then myself and others added 4 files.  None of the files inherited the 23 collaborators.  I have tried deleting and adding the files again and I have also tried all methods of adding the files (upload, drag and drop, and desktop).  Nothing is working.


  • Hi B.Grady,

    Thank you for your post and I hope you're doing well today!

    If I understand it correctly, you're having issues in seeing the collaborators for a file that you've uploaded.  You've also mentioned that you already added the users as a collaborator upon creation of the folder.

    Upon this, even if you don't see the users as a collaborator on the file itself. As long as their access has been defined within the folder, it'll be mirrored to the files.  Thus, you have an option where you can limit a person's access on certain files despite the role defined on the folder.

    You may refer to the screenshot from this link as an example.  I've created a test folder and added a colleague as a collaborator.  As you can see, there's no number indicated on how many people have access to the file, but, the collaborator will still be able to access the contents of the folder.

    Please let me know if the above information helps or if there's anything I can help you with.

    Have a great day, B. Grady!

    Jess Nierva
    CORE Community Moderator

  • In your example can the additional collaborator see the folder and the file or just the folder?  I think what you are saying is the number next to the file(s) won't match the folder even if the file inherited the same collaborators and access levels?
  • Hi B. Grady,

    Thank you for your prompt response!

    For your question, as long as the user was added as a collaborator on the folder itself, they would be access to all the contents of the folder. 

    And yes, the number next to the file won't match the number of users added to the folder, but, they should be able to access the files based on the access level set on the folder.  The number next to the file will only have values if you've decided to set specific users to have access on the file itself.  Thus, giving you the option to also limit the access on the files within the folder without modifying the initial access given.

    Let me know if the above information clarifies your concern.

    Looking forward to hear back from you  soon, B. Grady!

    Jess Nierva
    CORE Community Moderator