Any Device, Anytime.

Your work, wherever you are.

Whether you are working on your PC at the office or using a phone or tablet when you are on the go, OpenText Core gives you a familiar and consistent experience. No matter what device you’re using, or where you are, you’ll be able to quickly and easily share, access and collaborate without changing the way you work.


Built for Users.

Engineered for the Enterprise.

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User Experience First.

Simple but not simplistic.

It’s all about balance. Usability and functionality. Simplicity with security. Uncomplicated yet sophisticated. Working together while ensuring everyone’s privacy.


You shouldn’t have to settle for one or the other. With OpenText Core, you won’t have to sacrifice security for ease of use or control for flexibility. It strikes the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication to take the complexity out of collaborative file sharing work.


Modern look and feel so you don’t have to learn a new way to share and collaborate.

The confidence you want when storing and accessing your files in the cloud.

Edit without having to worry about someone else overwriting your work or creating unnecessary versions.

Easily set up and start collaborative projects without sacrificing security and control.

Backed by a History of Excellence.

Driven by nearly 25 years of Innovation.

OpenText helps some of the world’s best-known brands maximize the value and minimize the costs and risks of information. For years, thousands of organizations have trusted OpenText with their critical content. The same commitment to excellence and spirit of innovation that built this reputation for success and earned the trust of our customers fuels the passion behind OpenText Core.


Explore some of the ways that the brands you trust in your own life use OpenText:


9 of the top 10


9 of the top 10


10 of the top 10


6 of the largest 10

Financial Services

14 of the top 20

Legal Services

6 of the top 10


32 of the top 50


7 of the top 10

You Don't Have to Think Inside the Box.

Why limit yourself when it comes to sharing files and collaborating? You shouldn’t have to settle for an uninspired experience. With OpenText Core you get the perfect blend of familiarity, flexibility and control, no matter what device you’re using to share and work with your files. It's an elevated way to work.


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